This Small Town In Vermont Is Home To Tiny Hidden Castles

Every community is unique. If you look hard enough, you can find something special almost anywhere you look. Especially if you’re looking around this little town on the coast of Lake Champlain. It’s home to some of the most unique public sculptures in the state. Take a trip to the quirky side of Vermont and check out this small town that’s dotted with tiny castles. Let’s take a closer look at these awesome tiny castles in South Hero, Vermont.

Did you know about this fascinating side of South Hero? Know the locations of any publicly accessible miniature castles? Let us know in the comments! For more of the quirkiest finds in Vermont, check out this pirate-themed escape room.

What other roadside attractions in Vermont have you seen that are worth visiting? Tell us which hidden gems in Vermont you’ve found.

Address: South Hero, VT 05486, USA

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tiny castles in South Hero, Vermont

August 31, 2020

What is the most scenic town in Vermont?

Answering this question is really challenging, for there are just so many scenic towns in Vermont. Attempting to answer this question will assuredly lead to disappointing some while gratifying others. But with that being said, here are the five most scenic towns in Vermont: 1. Manchester; 2. Woodstock; 3. Grafton; 4. Stowe; 5. Shelburne. Of course, there are many other scenic and worthy towns to visit. If you are still interested in finding more picturesque towns in Vermont, check out the 17 most picturesque towns in Vermont.

Where are the most beautiful places in Vermont? 

Vermont has so many charming and beautiful places, so this list will attempt to incorporate places from all over the state, but we can’t cover all of them. So, without ordering the list, here are the most beautiful places in Vermont: Quechee Gorge, Lake Willoughby, the Notch Road through Mt. Mansfield, atop Camel’s Hump, Jay Peak, and Moss Glenn Falls. Happy exploring.

What are the most beautiful hikes in Vermont?

One of the most scenic hikes in Vermont is the trail up Mt. Mansfield, which provides some of the most spectacular views in our state. If you are interested in hiking Mt. Mansfield, we highly recommend taking the Sunset Ridge Trail; the trail is easily accessible from Underhill State Park and is well marked. Some other beautiful hikes in Vermont are 1. Mount Pisgah Trail, 2. Camel’s Hump Trail, and 3. Lye Brook Falls Trail. Happy hiking!

Address: South Hero, VT 05486, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.