Covered bridges are plentiful in our green state, and many of them have an old and interesting history. That rings true for The West Dummerston Covered Bridge as well. This elegant covered bridge was constructed in 1872, and it still stands, having stood the test of time. It also holds the record for the longest covered bridge in Vermont that is wholly within the state (the longest in Vermont is the Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge, which is mostly in New Hampshire but has a small section that is in Windsor, Vermont). Located in southern Vermont, the historic West Dummerston Covered Bridge is one of Vermont’s most coveted old bridges.

The West Dummerston Covered Bridge in Vermont is located at 2891 W River Rd, Dummerston, VT 05301.

Have you been to the West Dummerston Covered Bridge before? What are some of your favorite covered bridges in Vermont? Are there other historic sites in Vermont you enjoy visiting? We would love to hear about your favorite Vermont bridges. Leave a remark or a story in the comments section below.

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