The Legend Behind These Castles In Vermont Is Amazing

Did you know about the miniature castles in South Hero? I had no idea until I came across a few pictures and started to research these castles made by Harry Barber in South Hero. Now here is a tale I hadn’t heard before. I was surprised by how little information I could find on these cool castles and the man who built them. In fact, no two accounts are the same, which makes the tale that much more intriguing. Because there is not much documented, I have pieced together different accounts I’ve come across, largely from Geocashing, Lake Champlain Bikeways and Urbanpostmortem. While I can’t say these accounts are 100% accurate because they are a compilation of several different accounts, I welcome any and all comments that give us a little more information on the wonderful Harry Barber castles of South Hero.

Did you know about Harry Barber and the miniature castles of South Hero? If you know more about these stories please leave a comment – we’d love to piece together more of the story as well as confirm facts and debunk rumors. Be sure to like and share this post and check back on the comments to see what more we can learn about this fascinating and talented man!