The Epic Park In Utah Where You Can Take Home 500-Million-Year-Old Fossils

Imagine digging in the dirt and finding a 500-million-year-old fossil! That’s a typical experience after a day at U-Dig Fossils near Delta. Check out this unique adventure at this fossil park in Utah:

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Address: Death Canyon Rd, Delta, UT 84624, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Fossil Park In Utah

May 06, 2020

Did dinosaurs live in Utah?

This park with fossils in Utah is just one of many places remnants of the prehistoric have been discovered. In fact, the Beehive State was perfect for dinosaurs during times like the Jurassic period – and had great conditions to preserve fossils and bones. Dinosaurs like the Allosaurus, which looks right out of the movies, Ankylosaurs, and even creatures named after the state like the Utahceratops and Utahraptor were found here. In fact, the Utahraptor is the biggest known raptor of them all – even larger than the popularly known Velociraptors. Needless to say, dinosaurs most certainly lived in Utah!

What types of fossils can I find in Utah?

After discovering where to dig up fossils in Utah, you can look forward to digging up some fascinating finds. Beyond things like trilobites, people have found many of the dinosaurs listed above and things like prehistoric crocodiles and turtles. You can even find fossilized dinosaur footprints in Utah. In later periods, fossils of early mammals like giant ground sloths and saber-toothed cats have been found. You are most likely to find things like trilobites, but there are so many other cool fossils that have been discovered (and probably have yet to be discovered) in this state.

What is the best park for kids in Utah?

Kids will love searching for fossils, but you can also take the family to other fun family parks in Utah. For a fun-packed day during nice weather, try the Wayne Bartholomew Family Park. It includes a swimming beach, visitor facilities, snack shack, fishing ponds, and fantastic views. You can learn more about it by clicking here. Murray City Park is another great option with playgrounds that include musical activities kids of all ages will love. Find out more information about the park by visiting this page.

Address: Death Canyon Rd, Delta, UT 84624, USA