13 Small Towns In Utah That Offer Nothing But Peace And Quiet

Don’t get us wrong…it’s not that these small towns have nothing to offer. They are just exactly what small towns are supposed to be – quiet, peaceful communities far from the hustle and bustle of Utah’s bigger towns and cities. They’re the kind of place where you know your neighbor, where your kids can play safely in the yard and the entire town shows up for the community breakfast or Fourth of July parade.

Some of Utah’s beautiful small towns draw in lots of visitors (we’re looking at you Moab, Vernal and Kanab). Others are home to one of Utah’s universities (Ephraim, Logan, Cedar City). So while they’re wonderful places to live, they’re not always quiet!

This list is by no means a comprehensive one, and it only includes towns with populations of less than 2,500.

Like I mentioned in the introduction, this is by no means a complete list! So many of Utah’s small towns are wonderful – which ones did I miss that you think should be here?

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