The Salt Lake City Cemetery sits high up in the Avenues, overlooking the city. The oldest grave was dug there in September, 1847 – just a few months after Mormon pioneers arrived in the valley. The cemetery became official in 1851.The Salt Lake City Cemetery is full of interesting headstones and graves.

Local residents enjoy walking through this cemetery, and people come from all over to view the various headstones. Many famous Utahns are buried here, including past governors, senators and business owners.

We’ll probably never know what Elmer meant when he placed that inscription on Lilly’s grave. He may have been insane, or he may have felt that there was some sort of conspiracy that killed his wife. So far, people who have researched this strange grave have failed to find any verifiable connection to satanism or the occult.

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You’ll find ghost stories surrounding many of Utah’s cemeteries. This article includes 14 cemeteries with supposed hauntings.

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