Utah’s Antelope Island is a great destination year-round, but most people choose to visit during the spring and fall months. For a unique experience, plan to make an Antelope Island winter trip to the island! The following list highlights 12 reasons why you should head to this stunning spot during winter in Utah.

To get started on planning your visit to Antelope Park in winter, take a look at its website and follow its Facebook page. In preparation for spending the day at Antelope Park, you can also learn more about the phenomenon of “ice shove” in Utah 

If you’ve already been to Antelope Park, feel free to share in the comments below if you think it’s one of the best places to visit during winter in Utah too.

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Antelope Island Winter

What are some of the best things to do in winter in Utah? 

While the colder months are one of the best times to visit Antelope Island; winter in Utah is also an opportune time to have some outdoor fun too. Some activities to do include:


In addition, check out these indoor winter activities in Utah.

Aside from winter, when is the best time to visit Antelope Island? 

Along with spending time at this well-known destination in winter, Spring is considered the best time to visit Antelope Island in Utah too. Even though it's a popular time of year to explore this part of Utah, you’re welcome to ride your bike and bypass the long lines of cars. In addition to visiting this attraction during winter in Utah, Spring sunsets at Antelope Park are breathtaking to experience as well.

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