This Road Trip Through The Midwest Will Lead You To 9 Unforgettable Waterfalls

Waterfalls are great. Road trips are great. The Midwest is great. So a road trip that takes you to all the best waterfalls in the Midwest? That’s a triple win right there. We’ve put together an epic two and a half day road trip that will guide you along a Midwest “waterfall corridor,” if you will, and give you all the cascading, thundering, and roaring water you can handle.

This is a round-trip journey, so feel free to jump in at any point along the 61-hour tour. You may want to factor in some time to actually hang out at the waterfalls, eat, sleep, bathe, etc.


Have you been to any of these amazing waterfalls? Are you enough of a waterfall junkie to attempt this epic road trip? Let us know!