The American West has to be one of the most beautiful regions on the globe. From the time of the earliest pioneers to the gun-slinging cowboys of legend, the towns of the West have developed a certain charm and mystique that can’t be matched anywhere else. Check out the following list of best charming towns in the American West and plan a wild adventure!

Have you visited any of these charming towns hiding in the American West? Know of any others? Leave us a comment!

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Charming Towns in the American West

What are some other charming towns to visit in the West?

If you enjoyed the above list tiny-but-mighty towns hiding in the American West, you'll be delighted to discover these small towns:

  • Afton, Wyoming. Only in Wyoming would you find the world's largest elkhorn arch, mounted over the downtown like a prized piece of taxidermy. In the small town of Afton, there's a big surprise awaiting visitors: a colossal, record-setting arch comprised entirely of antlers. The arch was built in 1958 using shed elk antlers collected by townspeople, a practice the locals still participate in to maintain the huge arch. Over 3,000 elk antlers were woven together to form the superlative showpiece, and there are two smaller arches flanking it on either side of the four-lane road it spans, all but guaranteeing that you'll long remember this Wyoming town.
  • Claremore, Oklahoma. Straddling the line between the West and the Midwest, Claremore is an Oklahoma town that is one of the best hidden gems in the country. This town of under 20,000 is home to more museums per capita than any other city in the U.S., and these are next-level, must-visit, bucket-list-worthy attractions. From the Will Rogers Memorial Museum to the Lynn Riggs Memorial to the Davis J M Arms & Historical Museum and the eponymous Claremore Museum of History, there's a lot to see and do in this unassuming Oklahoma city.
  • Telluride, Colorado. If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting gorgeous Telluride, Colorado, you know that it is an absolute treasure of a small town. In addition to its sublime scenic beauty, Telluride is also incredibly historic, and that history is a celebrated part of its culture. Downtown Telluride is a designated National Historic Landmark District with Victorian-era buildings, many of which have been painstakingly preserved and renovated to house local businesses and restaurants. And, of course, with regard to Telluride's outdoor recreation -- it's world-class. The town is well-known for incredible skiing at Telluride Ski Resort; and in the off-season, visitors can enjoy biking, hiking, fly fishing, golfing, and an abundance of river recreation.