December is a fun time all across the United States with the holidays and winter festivities in full swing. Whether your idea of a winter getaway is to a tropical beach setting or a snow-capped mountain, we have some wonderful destinations to show you. Here are some of the best places to visit in the U.S. in December for you to start planning your next getaway.

Best Places to Visit in The USA In December

If you are wondering where to visit in December in the USA, we have some extra special destinations for you to explore. From some places you have possibly always wanted to go, to hidden gems you may not have heard about yet. Here are some of our favorites that we think you’ll love too.

Best Attractions To Visit In The USA In December To Avoid Crowds

One of the best reasons to travel in December is that you can enjoy some of your favorite destinations without summer crowds. These next few destinations are unique in their own way and make for a delightful December getaway.

Best Places To Visit In The US In December For Outdoor Adventure

If you enjoy the outdoors and are looking for some of the best places to travel in December in the USA with stunning views and the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors these next couple of destinations should be on your trip list.

Best Places To Visit In December For Events

December is a festive time of year, but there are certain places in the US that really take holiday celebrations to a whole new level. Here are a couple of the best places to travel in December in the USA to celebrate the holidays.

Best Hidden Gems to Visit in the US in December

We’ve all heard about the top spots in the US for wintertime getaways like ski lodges in Vail, or heading to Key West for a beach getaway, but there are plenty of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. The next few destinations you may not be as familiar with, but they are just as spectacular as those you are used to enjoying.

When it comes to winter travel some of us would rather hole up in a cozy cabin by the fireplace, others are looking for adventures. No matter what your ideal December vacation looks like we hope you have discovered a few new destinations that you are excited about visiting. If you have any other destinations that you’ve fallen in love with please share them with a comment so we can add them to our best places to visit in the U.S. in December list.

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