Do you ever find yourself wondering about “abandoned malls near me?” It’s only natural; for most of us, malls were a quintessential part of our tween and teen years; the mall was *the* place to hang out with your friends! In fact, there are few things more American than the ubiquitous shopping mall, though today, it’s abandoned shopping malls that are more commonly seen. Blame it on the rise of online shopping and the ease with which stores make e-commerce possible; today, shopping malls are a relic of a bygone era, with modern “malls” more a bespoke and curated collection of carefully chosen shops and attractions.

Take a look at some of these surreal photographs from abandoned shopping malls across the country. Be sure to check out the Dead Malls Enthusiasts Facebook group for more info on where these dead malls in America are located.

We can easily understand how someone could get extremely lost in one of these massive abandoned shopping malls. Can you imagine your local mall going out of business like this? Would you ever want to explore one of these dead malls? Have you ever searched for “abandoned malls near me?” Share your finds and experiences with your fellow intrepid explorers in the comments below!

Of all the dead malls on the above list, one of the most fascinating is definitely the Cloverleaf Mall in Chesterfield, Virginia. The Old Dominion is home to numerous abandoned places, in fact, and we share some of the most fascinating spots in this article. Read more on the topic in Seph Lawless’ book, Abandoned Malls of America: Crumbling Commerce Left Behind.

Looking for more abandoned places? Check out these 19 abandoned cities & towns in America.

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Abandoned malls near me

In addition to the above abandoned malls, how can I learn about more abandoned places near me?

For some reason, we all seem to be wholly intrigued and fascinated by abandoned places. There’s something unsettling about abandoned places -- and not just for ghost hunters. While Ghost towns and old cemeteries, derelict buildings, and forgotten sites are definitely at the top of the list of abandoned places in the country, there are so many more places forgotten and forsaken by time, from abandoned shopping malls and roller rinks to crumbling restaurants and amusement parks. With each passing day, these forsaken locations continue their descent into oblivion, banished to obsolescence. However, there are some that remain relevant; ironically, these sites are now defined by being abandoned. We can't resist exploring them, which is why we put together a list of 19 of the most fascinating abandoned places in the United States. They are known because they’ve been forgotten, and so once you've scratched your "abandoned malls near me" itch, we challenge you to explore some of these other decaying ruins in the country, starting with:

  • Peter Iredale Ghost Ship - Oregon
  • Garnet Ghost Town - Montana
  • Santa Claus Land - Arizona
  • Glenrio - Texas and New Mexico
  • Joyland Amusement Park - Kansas
  • Dinosaur World - Arkansas