Here’s How TSA PreCheck Can Make Travel Easier During The Government Shutdown

The current government shutdown has led to long lines at security checkpoints in airports across the country. This is due to a lack of funds to pay for important safety personnel and TSA agents.

However, if you have TSA PreCheck, you’ll probably have an easier time making your way through security even during the shutdown. The TSA has stated that people in PreCheck lines are still only spending an average of 10 minutes at security, despite the long lines at non-PreCheck stations.

Don’t have PreCheck? You can still join the club, even during the government shutdown. That’s because applications are processed by private contractors and funded by application fees. All you need is $85 and the ability to wait two to three weeks for approval before your trip.

Though we hope the government gets up and running soon, it’s good to know that PreCheck passengers can still count on a speedy airport experience.