Your Boarding Pass Can Get You Free Stuff And Huge Discounts Outside The Airport

Most of us simply toss our boarding passes once we’re off our flight, but there’s a good reason to hold onto that slip of paper. It could actually save you hundreds of dollars.

Depending on which airline you fly, showing your boarding pass at places like car rental companies, restaurant, hotels, or even clothing boutiques could net you a nice discount.

For example, an Alaska Airlines boarding pass allows travelers to partake of a complimentary wine tasting in Washington and Oregon, as well as check wine cases for free at a few major airports. The airline also offers free skiing deals and sport package rentals at 12 resorts when you show your boarding pass.

In fact, free skiing seems to be a theme – Delta, Frontier, Southwest Airlines, American, Alaska, United Airlines, Allegiant Air, and JetBlue all have deals with major resorts that allow passengers to ski for free when they present their boarding pass.

Other airlines let you score half off entry to city museums and bus tours, discounts on movie tickets, cheap car rentals, and even discounts on purchases of mobile Wi-Fi routers.

It’s worth checking your airline website or calling their customer service line to find out what free perks might be available to you through your boarding pass.