Here’s The One Big Mistake You Shouldn’t Make During A Plane Emergency

A recent incident on a Utair Boeing 737 flight from Moscow – in which passengers startled by a common engine hiccup fled the cabin onto the plane’s wing – illustrated exactly what not to do if you think there’s an emergency happening on your flight.

In an interview with The Points Guy, air travel expert Patrick Smith explained that the number one thing you should never do if you think there’s a serious situation developing on your flight is to go against the instructions of your flight crew.

In many cases, routine plane quirks or malfunctions seem a lot scarier than they actually are. Flight attendants and pilots are trained to deal with all plane-related emergencies, from medical problems to mechanical failures, and they have a plan in place for almost every situation. Failing to follow their instructions can lead to needless panic or a delay in getting to safety.

Though it’s definitely a good idea to alert the flight crew to any potentially serious situation that they haven’t yet spotted, you should always do so calmly and obey any instructions they give in return –even if those instructions are to stay seated and ignore whatever has alarmed you. They usually know best.