Why You Shouldn’t Eat Plane Food After A Major Delay

Picture this situation: your flight has been delayed, you’re tired and hungry, and all you want to do is settle into your plane seat and get going. You’re even looking forward to that little pudding that comes with your airplane meal.

However, if your flight has been delayed by more than two hours, you might want to reconsider digging into that tray of airplane food. And the reason is sort of gross.

If the delay was last-minute or due to unexpected mechanical issues, there’s a good chance inflight meals were heated before the expected boarding. This means that those trays of food will just be sitting there, either at room temperature or slowly cooling, during the course of the delay. Then, when travelers finally board, they will need to be nuked again.

That’s like heating a T.V. dinner through once, letting it get cold, and then sticking it back in the microwave for another round.

While there are safety rules and regulations governing airplane food, there’s no denying that it doesn’t take much to take airplane food from “meh” to seriously questionable. If your flight is delayed, it might be worth ponying up for a sandwich in the terminal while you wait.