This App Will Now Tell You If Your Carry-On Will Fit Into The Overhead Bins

If you follow things over here at Only In Your State, you’ve most likely read about how three major U.S. carriers have raised the prices on their checked-baggage fees in the past month. We’re all doing our best to keep every penny we have in our pockets, so more and more budget-minded travelers are making sure to only fly with one carry-on item to avoid checking any luggage.

If you aren’t a frequent traveler are or flying with a new airline, you may be unsure about whether or not your carry-on will be able to fit in the overhead bin. To help save you from dealing with any last minute drama, a travel engine company has produced a simple app that’ll tell you if your carry-on bag is too big!

Thanks to’s app, travelers can now find out before they board their flight if their carry-on item is small enough to fit in the overhead bin. Through the latest update with Kayak’s app, users can now click on “New Bag Measurement Tool” that’ll prompt you to scan your bag. Next, the app will give you exact measurements including height, length, and width of your bag and let you know if it’s too big by using augmented reality technology.

To see what it’s like to use the app’s latest feature, watch the video below or find out more here!

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