The Crucial Reason You Need To Tell A Flight Attendant If You Lose Your Phone On A Plane

Losing anything on a plane can be an extremely stressful experience. When that lost item is your phone, the stakes are much higher than they would be with a misplaced pair of headphones or paperback. In fact, your lost phone could even cause an emergency landing.

Just last month, a passenger on Qantas Airways lost his phone in the cushions of his seat. While attempting to extract it, the man accidentally crushed the device. The phone began smoldering and the flight attendants had to use a fire extinguisher to douse the flames.

Situations like this aren’t actually that uncommon. In 2017, the Federal Aviation Administration reported that there were 46 lithium-ion battery fires on planes across the globe. Losing your phone on a plane could result in a dangerous emergency situation.

Flight attendants are specially trained to fish out phones from seats in a way that will hopefully prevent them from being damaged and starting a fire. If you lose any device containing a lithium-ion battery (such as a phone, tablet, or gaming device), always alert flight crew so that they can help recover your gear without jeopardizing the safety of the flight.