This New App Will Tell You Exactly What You’re Flying Over

Forget the widow seat – this new app will tell you exactly what you’re flying over.

The next time you’re stuck on a plane, consider checking out Inflighto. It’s a free app designed to tell passengers exactly what they’re cruising over at that moment.

This goes way beyond the standard seatback live maps. Rather than simply watching a little plan icon inch its way over a featureless green map, Inflighto gives you information on things like landmarks, points of interest and things you might want to peer out the window to catch a glimpse of.

The experience gets even cooler if you want to part with a bit of cash. Premium versions of the app allow users to get information about the clouds they’re flying through and see if there’s any turbulence expected ahead. The app will also tell you what boats are in the waters below and what their occupations are.

The app’s creators hope that pilots will use Inflighto’s chatroom feature to alert passengers to impending turbulence or cool sights below.

Click here to download and learn more. Inflighto relies on in-flight WiFi.