Why One Company Wants To Weigh Passengers At The Airport

Would you volunteer to be weighed at the airport? This company thinks pre-flight weigh-ins should be a reality.

Fuel Matrix is a start-up company that wants to help planes be as cost-effective and environmentally-friendly as possible. It’s a fact that the more weight a plane is carrying, the more fuel is required to get that plane where it’s going. That’s where the scales come in.

Fuel Matrix has designed discreet pressure pads that airports could theoretically use to weigh passengers as they go through security. The data could then be used to calculate exactly how much fuel their plane would need to carry. Currently, most planes fly with far more fuel than is necessary because airlines intentionally overestimate the average weight of passengers. This means that the extra weight of the unnecessary fuel itself is causing the plane to – you guessed it – burn more fuel.

Obviously, there’s been pushback to this proposition. Critics are calling it invasive and body-shaming; however, the data would be anonymous and would not be displayed anywhere publicly visible. If implemented, the weigh-ins have the potential to save airlines money and prevent unnecessary pollution.