The New Airplane Coming To America That People Are Calling The Quietest Ever

This new airplane is so quiet, people are saying it may make for the most peaceful plane ride ever.

Airbus is about to release the new A330-900neo aircraft, which offers a slew of futuristic features. Its engines are designed by Rolls-Royce and are extremely fuel-efficient. The cabin is also one of the quietest in the skies, with soothing lighting, antibacterial surfaces, subtle air fresheners, and peaceful music.

The A330-900neo will be coming to skies about America next year. Delta has already request 25 of the planes and plans to use them to operate routes between the West Coast and Asia.

The new planes may also give travelers something extra to get excited about – the fuel-efficient nature of the engines means that airlines will save 20-percent in operational costs per seat. These savings may trickle down to customers.