It’s About To Get Much Harder To Catch A Taxi At This Major New York Airport

Depending on where you land, getting from the airport to your final destination can be surprisingly difficult. In many places, you might opt to grab a cab, but that option is about to get much less convenient if you’re traveling to one New York City airport.

LaGuardia International Airport in New York is currently undergoing extensive renovations to modernize the aging hub. As part of the refurbishment, officials have decided to move all taxi pick-ups to Terminal A… which is problematic.

That’s because the airport is also home to Terminals B, C, and D. This airport isn’t small, so this means anyone looking to get a taxi into the city will have to first take a shuttle to a different terminal. Making matters even worse, LaGuardia doesn’t have a train or subway connection to the city. That means that rental cars and cabs are the most common ways travelers leave the airport.

It’s not all bad news though. This change will only go into effect during peak congestion times, meaning that if you arrive in the middle of the night, you may still be able to find a cab at your terminal. Hopefully, the airport’s renovations will result in great convenience in the future. Until then, expect longer wait times and plan accordingly.