This New Robot Will Carry Your Bags Through The Airport For You

It’s not quite a robot butler, but this new airport gadget comes pretty close.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’s new Care-E robot will act as your own personal assistant and actually carry your bags through the airport for you.

This bright-blue trolley is self-driving and will stick close by you as you walk to your gate. All you do is scan your boarding pass, pile your bags on top, and lead the way.

According to the airline and CNN, the robot uses “a variety of familiar, nonverbal sounds” to interact with passengers. It can carry up to 85 pounds of luggage and moves at about 3 mph, which is an average human walking pace.

Even cooler, it will know if your gate changes and will be able to direct you to the new one.

The Care-E robot will be available at New York’s JFK and San Francisco International airports this year. Check out the video below from The Daily Mail for a sneak peek: