Donating To The Red Cross Will Get You Free Airlines Miles For A Limited Time

Looking for a way to do good and earn some travel rewards at the same time? The Red Cross and American Airlines have the perfect solution.

For a limited time, American Airlines AAdvantage members can earn 10 miles per dollar donated to the Red Cross. All you need to do is give your AAdvantage number and wait 30 to 45 days after donating to receive your miles.

There is a bit of fine print. The offer is only active until March 31, 2019 and requires a donation of $25 or more. As AAdvantage miles are normally worth about 1.4 cents, this 10x offer means members will be getting back 14 percent of their donation in the form of free rewards.

Though you never need a monetary reason to help people in need, this offer is a great way to boost your pile of airline miles while also lending a hand to a great organization. Click here to take advantage of this promotion.