A Business Class Ticket Could Get You A Private Terminal At This West Coast Airport

Many of us fantasize about breezing through the airport with no lines or crowds. Now, if you buy a premium ticket out of this California airport, that dream could become a reality.

Los Angeles International Airport is planning on introducing a private terminal for business class passengers flying United Airlines. That means that for the higher price of a business class ticket, you’ll get a travel experience that’s usually only available to the ultra-elite.

So what does this private terminal experience include? First of all, you’ll be “treated” to a custom security screening without the long lines of the main terminal. You’ll also be driven from the terminal to your plain in a BMW 7-Series sedan. Finally, each guest will have their own staff of eight assigned to their reservation.

Access to the private terminal will be included with some ticket fares to or from Newark, Hawaii, London’s Heathrow, Singapore, Aspen, Tokyo, and Sydney. Of course, if you’d rather have access no matter where you’re flying, travelers can also pay a $4,500 annual membership fee to be able to use the private terminal without an eligible ticket.

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