How A United Passenger Walked Away With A $10,000 Travel Credit On An Overbooked Flight

You’ve undoubtedly heard of airline passengers bumped from their flights, either voluntarily or unwillingly, who receive either cash or a travel voucher for future flights as a result. But a passenger’s unlucky forced bump from an United Airlines’ flight on Thursday due to a broken seat landed her with perhaps the biggest travel credit jackpot ever at $10,000. So maybe it was a fairytale ending, after all! Here’s more about what happened:

The unlucky-lucky traveler also added she even got two $10 meal vouchers to boot. United Airlines has confirmed the account and that the flight was oversold. By the way, to those wondering, she did get to where she needed to go.

What travel woes have you endured, and how was it handled? Did you receive a travel voucher or cash for your troubles? Where would you go with a $10,000 travel credit? We’d love for you to share your stories and comments. In the meantime, if you get bumped from a flight, here are tips for making the time at the airport feel like a mini vacation.