It’s Not An Accident That American Flags Are Painted Backwards On Planes

Have you ever noticed that American Flags seem to be painted the wrong way around on the sides of planes?

The next time you’re settling into your seat, peer out the window and see for yourself – the flags on the planes look like they’ve been applied backwards.

Though it may seem a little odd, it’s no accident. Flags on planes, vehicles, and military uniforms are depicted this way on purpose.

Why? It’s actually a federal regulation. If a flag is on a vehicle, it must be oriented so that the star field is positioned closest to the front of the plane, car, boat, uniform etc. This is meant to create the illusion that the flag is flying in the wind as the vehicle or person moves forward.

While the primary reasoning seems to be that this is the way a fabric flag would look if it were affixed to a moving object, it’s also the symbolic nod to the nation moving ever forward. Plenty of other countries follow this rule as well.

The more you know.