American Airlines Has Extended Their Boeing 737 MAX Ban For Another Two Months

In a move to keep its passengers safe and avoid any potential legal problems, American Airlines has announced its intention to continue canceling all Boeing 737 MAX flights until at least June 5, 2019.

Defects with the Boeing 737 MAX model have been implicated in the recent crashes of two planes, Lion Air flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines flight 302. Ongoing investigations into both flights have so far revealed that problems with Boeing 737 MAX software (and potentially a faulty sensor) most likely caused Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 to crash, killing all 157 people on board.

The Boeing 737 MAX model has been grounded by all airlines worldwide while investigations continue. Boeing has released a software fix they claim addresses the potential issues, but airlines are proceeding cautiously. So far, no 737 MAX planes have been cleared to fly.

If you have booked an upcoming flight on a Boeing 737 MAX with American Airlines, you will be contacted via phone or email with instructions for finding alternate flights or getting a refund.