The Busiest Airport In America Might Get Rid Of Parking

If you’re looking to drive yourself to the busiest airport in America, you could soon be out of luck.

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia sees the most passengers of any airport in the country.

Now, it’s looking to axe an eight-story parking structure currently included in the airport’s plans for a $6-billion renovation.

The popularity of ride-sharing through apps like Uber and Lyft has made leaving your car in airport parking a dated (and expensive) option.

The airport is considering whether those upgrade funds could be better used in enhancing the terminals themselves or increasing security.

While the airport is unlikely to nix parking completely – employees, passengers traveling long distances and people without smartphones need to still be able to access the airport – it’s looking like major air hubs across the country may soon be reconsidering those massive lots.

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