Scientists Have Finally Invented A Quieter Airplane Toilet

Scientists may have finally figured out how to build an airplane toilet that doesn’t sound like a choir of damned souls.

The noisiness of airplane toilets is actually a side effect of the special technology needed to flush away waste in the air. Rather than using a large amount of water to carry waste through piping, plane toilets use a vacuum. This vacuum actually needs to operate at about half the speed of sound. Thus, the deafening roar. But a solution is now in sight.

Researchers at Brigham Young University have announced that after two years of study, they’ve devised a plane commode that uses more piping at different angles to reduce the sound of flushing by up to 50% (equivalent to 16 decibels).

Though the new toilet is still just a research project and hasn’t been installed on any commercial flights, it seems like a welcome fix to a really annoying part of flying.