These Are The Best And Worst U.S. Airlines For Pollution

If you’re looking to make your travels as eco-friendly as possible, you might want to avoid these airlines.

According to a new study by German environmental nonprofit organization Atmosfair, not a single airline in the world is currently meeting the UN’s goals of carbon emission reduction. Worse still, there are a few US airlines that are particularly bad pollution offenders.

The report graded each airline the world from A to G, with G being the worst ranking. Hawaiian, United, and Delta Airlines all scored D rankings. However, the regional branches of United and Delta scored even worse, earning Fs.

The only US carrier that made it onto the list of the top 25 eco-friendly airlines was Alaska Airlines. However, it still scored a D overall.

If reducing pollution is important to you, it may be time to swap out your tropical vacation plans for an Alaskan getaway.