Open Since 1938, Lankford Grocery & Market Has Been Serving Burgers In Texas Longer Than Any Other Restaurant

There are few things we Texans love more than a juicy burger, and one Houston restaurant serves ’em up better than almost anywhere else. Lankford Grocery & Market has been around for almost a century, and you can definitely tell after just one bite. From mac ‘n cheese to Fritos and everything in-between, the toppings are just ridiculous.

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Have you ever eaten at Lankford Grocery & Market? If so, what’s your favorite burger on the menu? Let us know your thoughts! Check out our previous article for more mouthwatering burgers: Here are 11 Mouthwatering Burgers In Texas You Have To Try…And You’ll Absolutely Love Them.

Address: Lankford's Grocery & Market, 88 Dennis St, Houston, TX 77006, USA