Buffets are definitely hit-or-miss. The bigger chains aren’t often anything to write home about, with far too many selections and not enough staff to maintain their freshness. Local joints, however, are a completely different story. Mama Jack’s in Kountze is everything we love about Texas wrapped up in one restaurant: endless amounts of Southern-comfort food, a cozy atmosphere, and some of the most polite and attentive waiters you’ve ever met. Take a look at the best all-you-can-eat buffet in Texas (and try not to drool all over your keyboard):

Have you ever been to the best all-you-can-eat buffet in Texas? What’s the most delicious dish you’ve had there? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! And if you know another exceptional eatery, nominate it for a chance to be featured!

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best all-you-can-eat buffet in Texas

What are the best buffets in Texas?

When you have a mighty appetite, nothing quite hits the spot like one of the magnificent buffets in Texas. Whether you’re chowing down on fried chicken from Allen’s Family Style Meals in Sweetwater or gorging yourself on authentic Mediterranean fare from Dimassi’s in Houston, one thing is always certain: You won’t go home hungry. If you want to plan your next all-you-can-eat dining adventure, check out our list of the best buffets in Texas.

What are the best places to get comfort food in Texas?

Texans definitely know how to whip up a hearty plate of comfort food. Hoover’s, located in Austin, makes some of the best. From their crispy fried catfish platters to their scrumptious weekend breakfasts, Hoover’s menu is full of winners. Eating here is like dining at a family reunion -- it’s laden with love and makes you feel right at home. For more amazing eats, visit Mary’s Cafe in Strawn. This humble Texas restaurant serves some of the best chicken fried steak in Texas. In fact, people drive from all around the state in order to try it! This tasty destination is definitely worth going out of your way for.

What are the best seafood restaurants in Texas?

Ceviche Ceviche, located on South Padre Island, is one of the best seafood restaurants in Texas. Like its name suggests, this amazing eatery specializes in ceviche, a traditional Latin American dish composed of raw fish and citrus juice. This inventive restaurant takes it a step further, though, and adds a wide variety of wonderful fruits, toppings, and flavors. You have to try it! For more scrumptious fish dishes, try these restaurants located along the Texas coast.

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