When you think of swimming holes in Texas, what comes to mind first? For many people, it’s Jacob’s Well, an artesian spring with a 140-foot-deep underwater cave system. According to Country Living, however, Jacob’s Well isn’t the most beautiful swimming hole in Texas. That honor goes to Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs; in fact, the pool has been voted the most beautiful swimming hole in America and we certainly agree that this Texas natural wonder is a stunner.

Have you experienced the splendor of Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs, Texas? Be sure to visit the Travis County Parks website for the most up-to-date information about this waterfall pool in Texas.

Have you ever been to Hamilton Pool? If so, how was your experience? Tell us in the comments! For more swimming holes in Texas you’ll love making a splash in, check our our previous article.

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Hamilton Pool in Texas

Is Hamilton Pool the most beautiful waterfall in Texas?

There's a saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that certainly applies to Texas waterfalls. While we definitely agree that Hamilton Pool is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Texas, it's in good company with these showstoppers:

  • Gorman Falls. Colorado Bend State Park sits on over 5,000 acres of trails, springs, rivers, and caves, but most visitors come for one reason and one alone: Gorman Falls. This magnificent, 65-foot waterfall is almost reminiscent of a pinball machine, breaking off into dozens of trickling segments before converging in a shockingly blue pool akin to Hamilton Pool!
  • Dolan Falls: This 10-foot waterfall can be seen when taking a trip to the Devil's River Natural Area in Comstock, Texas. As the name suggests, the Devil's River is full of Class II and III rapids, so only experienced paddlers are encouraged to take a boat out on the river.
  • Pedernales Falls State Park: The falls at Pedernales Falls State Park are located in the main area of the park, visible as soon as you step through the entrance. You can walk right up to the falls if it hasn't rained recently, as the rocks will be dry enough to climb on.


What are some other waterfalls in Texas you can swim in?

Once you've experienced the splendor of swimming in the cerulean blue Hamilton Pool, you'll want to chase other waterfalls in Texas that you can swim in! Here are some of our favorite waterfall swimming holes in TX:

  • Tonkawa Falls. In Crawford, Texas, you'll find a beautiful and unexpected little oasis. Tonkawa Falls is 15-foot waterfall that cascades down a series of limestone cliffs into the crystal-clear pool below. A rock ledge on the opposite side makes for easy jumping -- just make sure to check the water level beforehand, as it's sometimes too low to safely take the plunge -- and note that there is no lifeguard on duty.
  • Bull Creek District Park: At this underrated park, you'll discover a double waterfall, which cascades down a series of rocks into the crystal-clear creek below, making for a picture-perfect scene... and refreshing spot to dip your toes!
  • Rio Vista Falls Dam : If you're ever dreamed of sliding down a waterfall, you're in luck! There’s a section of the San Marcos River called the Rio Vista Falls Dam with three unassuming waterfalls that are actually slides.
  • McKinney Falls: These falls aren't simply beautiful to admire; McKinney Falls is also one of the best waterfall swimming holes in Texas!


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