Texas is known for many things. The second largest state in the U.S. is known for its larger-than-life culture, which includes cowboys and rodeos, barbecue and Tex-Mex, man-made monoliths and historic meccas, beloved national parks and beautiful oases. Everything, from the temperatures to water parks to portion sizes, is bigger in Texas, and that most certainly includes its waterfalls.

Yes — waterfalls. Texas has waterfalls.

While you may picture a large and dry expanse when envisioning the Lone Star State, we’re here to turn those preconceptions upside down… in a big, Texas-sized way, of course. You see, what Texas lacks in quantity of waterfalls, it more than makes up for in quality of waterfalls.

And today we’re going to prove it. Below, you’ll find what we consider to be the absolute must-visit waterfalls in Texas. From the magical falls of Hamilton Pool and the beguiling Gorman Falls to Capote Falls, a 175-foot fall sure to leave your jaw on the floor, here are the best waterfalls in Texas for your bucket list:

Best Waterfalls in Texas

Texas doesn’t mess around when it comes to waterfalls. All across the state, there are some breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls sure to drop your jaw.

These are the kinds of bucket-list-worthy waterfalls worth chasing; commanding cascades that aren’t only the best in Texas, but in the entire country.

Big and small, hidden and centerstage, here are the best waterfalls in Texas:

Best Waterfall Hikes in Texas

There’s nothing quite like happening upon a waterfall in the wild; it’s an enchanting scene that feels truly magical and charmed.

Texas is home to some of the country’s most amazing national parks *and* state parks; these are places where the sublime scenery of the Lone Star State shines brightest. Included in this spectacular scenery are some of the most wondrous waterfalls — and, by extension, some of the top waterfall hikes in Texas!

Lace up your boots and come along with us as we explore the best waterfall hikes in Texas:

No-Hike Waterfalls in Texas

Are you looking for an epic waterfall chasing escapade in Texas… minus the chase?

We get it: not everyone has time for an all-day hike. Perhaps you have kids in tow, or you have mobility issues that make certain hikes challenging, if not out of reach completely.

Or maybe you’re just not in the mood for a strenuous trek.

You don’t need a reason to visit these easy-access, no-hike waterfalls in Texasyou just need to enjoy them.

Best Waterfall Swimming Holes in Texas

When the summer heat descends upon the Lone Star State, the best course of action is to take to the water.

Luckily, there are not only some superb swimming holes in Texas, there are some thrilling waterfall swimming holes in Texas, too!

Whether you’re enjoying a dip following a rigorous hike or are simply seeking the R&R found in a cool, natural pool, you’ll be glad you visited one of the following best waterfall swimming holes in Texas:

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Best Waterfalls Near Austin

Texas is a big state — a very, very big state: 268,597 square miles, to be exact.

And while there are falls all throughout the Lone Star State, many of these might be literally days away from where you live.

If you live near ATX (or even if you don’t!), read on. We’ve narrowed down the best waterfalls near Austin worth making your way to experience! Put your hiking shoes on and pack a bag with appropriate gear to discover these waterfalls in Austin:

Best Waterfalls Near Dallas

Dallas-Fort Worth may not be known for its spectacular waterfalls, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any worth visiting — a few are even some of the best-kept secrets in Texas.

Here are some of the best waterfalls near Dallas; one natural and one man-made, but both lovely and glorious to visit.

Waterfall chasing in Dallas, Texas, here we come!

Top Hidden Gem Waterfalls in Texas

By now it’s clear that Texas is positively teeming with waterfalls. But Texas is also a very big state, meaning that some of these marvels will undoubtedly fall through the cracks.

Don’t make that mistake, because you could be missing out on some of the finest falls in Texas.

From underground waterfalls and cave waterfalls to urban waterfalls and man-made marvels, here are the top hidden gem waterfalls in Texas:

Best Waterfalls in Texas: Map


Waterfall chasers have a lot to celebrate in the Lone Star State.

Some waterfalls are the reward after an arduous hike; other Texas waterfalls are hiding right in plain sight.

Some falls are natural wonders; others are man-made spectacles.

Some Texas waterfalls are commanding and incredibly tall, while others are more quietly beautiful and calm.

They’re all here — waiting in their glory — to be discovered, admired, and enjoyed. So go out and have an adventure at one — or all — of these best waterfalls in Texas.

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Best Waterfalls in Texas

What are the best waterfall road trips in Texas?

Texas is a big state, and its extraordinary expanse means that multi-site day trips are a bit tricky, but not impossible. If you're into Texas waterfalls, we put together a few waterfall road trips in Texas that offer lots of bang for your buck, so to speak:

  • Austin Waterfall Road Trip: If you’re in the ATX area and searching for “waterfalls near me,” this road trip to visit the Austin area’s best waterfalls just might be the ticket. As a bonus, we’re also leveling up this excursion by adding some area wineries full of stunning sights and splendid sips, too. The trip spans just 45 miles and visits waterfalls in Austin such as:
    • McKinney Falls State Park. After a quick-and-easy waterfall hike, the majestic falls at the Rock Shelter Interpretive Trail rush down the rocks onto the creek. You'll want to pause here and really take in your surroundings.
    • Pedernales Falls State Park. Up for a dip in a waterfall pool in Texas?  It's a good idea to bring a bathing suit because the shimmering water is crisp and refreshing. In addition to wading in the lovely river, you can canoe and kayak along Trammell’s Crossing Trail. The tranquil hikes and jaw-dropping views will be the icing on the cake for your Hill Country getaway.
  • Texas Waterfalls and Caves Road TripWe pack a lot into this 343-mile road trip in Texas, which visits waterfalls such as:
    • Gorman Falls (Colorado Bend State Park). This 65-foot-tall natural wonder looks as if it belongs deep within a remote, tropical jungle -- but it's right here in Texas. All that stands between you and the lush, vibrant, otherworldly landscape is a 1.3-mile hike each way. What are you waiting for?
    • Hamilton Falls (Dripping Springs). Perhaps the most iconic natural wonder in Texas, Hamilton Pool is a magical grotto formed by the collapse of an underground river eons ago. It's truly an extraterrestrial landscape, with an awe-inspiring waterfall spilling off of the mossy limestone overhang above. Whether you come to swim or just take in the views, this bucket-list destination is one you simply can't pass up. More information on Hamilton Pool Preserve is available on the state parks website.

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