These 10 Crazy Laws in Texas Will Leave You Scratching Your Head In Wonder

When it comes to enforcing laws, Texas does a pretty good job. However, there are a few weird laws in Texas still on the books. In fact, some of the illegal things in Texas are so strange that you’ll wonder why these laws ever came about in the first place. You might also be surprised to learn that you’ve broken the law a time or two. (Don’t worry; we won’t tell.)

So, did you know about these illegal things in Texas? Know of any other weird laws in Texas? Tell us!

These laws aren’t the only wonderfully weird thing about Texas. Click here to read about the weirdest places you can go in the Lone Star State.

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Weird Laws In Texas

August 20, 2021

What are some fun facts about Texas?

There are lots of fun facts about Texas, including the fact that the first frozen margarita machine was invented in Dallas. (You’re welcome, world!) It was invented by restaurateur Mariano Martinez, who was inspired by, none other than, the Slurpee machines found in 7-11. To bring his idea to life, Martinez altered a soft-serve ice cream machine, calling it “The World’s First Frozen Margarita Machine.” A true treasure, the machine is on display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, where it’s been since 2005.

Are there any other surprising illegal things in Texas?

Surprisingly, the laws mentioned above aren’t the only weird laws in Texas. There are several other illegal things in Texas that will leave you scratching your head. For instance, it’s illegal to shoot a buffalo from the second story of a hotel. (Hmmmm…so is it okay to shoot one from the first floor or third story?) Texas law also says that it’s illegal to carry wire cutters in your pocket, land an airplane on the beach, and ride horses at night without “tail” lights.

What are some strange things in Texas?

There are lots of wonderfully weird things about the Lone Star State. And the “smallest Prada store in the world” definitely falls under the category of strange things in Texas. Dubbed Prada Marfa, the lone storefront is located along a stretch of Highway 90 in Valentine. Incredibly detailed, it’s a single-room replica of real Prada stores found in cities around the globe. Perhaps even more surprising than its location in the middle of nowhere is the fact that it’s not a store at all. That’s right; it’s actually an art installation that’s meant to serve as a nod to modern-day consumerism. Either way, it makes a great photo-op and has, not surprisingly, attracted visitors from near and far.