When you hear the word “fossil” the first thing that might come to your mind are dinosaurs. After all, they are the coolest of all the extinct animals, right? Not that these towering giants didn’t once roam the land of Tennessee, but there have been very few archaeological finds of dinosaur bones and fossils in the Volunteer State. However, these are not the only long-lost creatures that have been impressed into the earth’s crust. There are still plenty of fossils in Tennessee, and you can even help find them at the Gray Fossil Site. 

Both the Hands-On! Discovery Center and the Gray Fossil Site pair nicely together, making for an amazingly fun day trip in Tennessee for all ages. There certainly are fossils in Tennessee, and not only are they buried right under our feet, but you can have a hand in the process of finding them. Please visit the Hands-On! Discovery Center website to get your tickets for a fun-filled day of exploring the various fields of science. If you would like to help the process of discovering fossils, make sure you check out the Gray Fossil Site website

For a more recent trip through history, find out why the area of Gray and several surrounding towns used to be a part of a state that is now lost.

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