This Tiny, Isolated Tennessee Town Is One Of The Last Of Its Kind

The history of Tennessee is hidden away in its small towns and remote enclaves, some in the mountains to the east and others located on the shining Mississippi River to the west. The Cumberland Plateau boasts its own number of significant spaces, and you’ll find folks traveling from all over to experience the Volunteer State’s deep history. The town of Cosby is on the eastern edge of the state, and though it is tiny it has its own mighty story. Cosby is where illegal alcohol was once distilled and where hikers have the opportunity to capitalize on the town’s remote beauty and wonderful location, and it remains a true Tennessee gem to this day.

The town of Cosby may not be well known throughout Tennessee and beyond, but it oozes rural charm that’s unlike any other town. Have you visited? Would you live in this bucolic gem, tucked away in the Tennessee countryside?

Address: Cosby, TN 37722, USA