8 Nostalgic Restaurants Where Every Nashvillian Grew Up Eating

Nashville has become a bit of a foodie mecca in recent years. Restaurants are redesigning their spaces to be more, “social media friendly” and new bars are popping up on the daily. You really can’t keep up! We decided to throw it back a little bit, to a time when Nashville was a bit smaller and sweeter.

When folks showed up at a diner because their friends were there, too, or they simply didn’t want to make a pancake themselves. When friends sipped black coffee on porches and the skyline was free of massive buildings and traffic sounds. Warning: nostalgic feelings are ahead.

What are your thoughts? Did we hit the nail on the head, or go too touristy? Leave your favorite down-home Nashville restaurants in the comments below. We’d love to hear where YOU loved to go!

If you’re planning on visiting a restaurant down on Broadway, however, this is the spot for you!