These 7 Mom & Pop Drive-Thru Restaurants In Southern California Will Make Your Summer Epic

Don’t you miss the good ol’ days when you could hop in your car and head to a drive-thru restaurant that wasn’t a national chain? If you live in Southern California or just happen to be visiting, you’re still in luck as there are several classic SoCal restaurants that offer drive-thru service for fast and delicious meals.

Instead of dining inside a bustling restaurant on a hot summer day, you can grab your food to go and head to your favorite outdoor spot to eat your meal. That’s my kind of summer!

These spots are perfect for something that’s fast and delicious, especially when you’re in a hurry. Are any of your favorite SoCal drive-thru restaurants on this list? If you prefer to dine inside, here are 9 roadside restaurants in Southern California that serve mouthwatering meals.