The Deadliest Road In Southern California Is One You’ll Want To Avoid

One of the most well-known roads in Southern California also has a reputation for having a dangerous section that is considered to be one of the riskiest places to drive in this part of the state. Perhaps you’ve traveled down this area many times before, but after seeing the dangers that exist on this road you might think twice about taking this route next time.

The following video captured by RNickeyMouse shows one of the many accidents that have occurred on “The Snake” along Mulholland Highway. This footage may be too intense for many of you to watch, so view with caution. Although the driver was extremely lucky to get out alive and without injury, this video is a reminder of just how dangerous this road can be — especially at the hands of a reckless driver.

Even if you’re not heading to this section of Mulholland Highway to race a car or motorcycle, just being in close proximity to this kind of activity could put you in harm’s way. Make sure to take this section of road with eyes wide open as this has proven to be an incredibly dangerous spot to drive.

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