Here Are The 10 Most Dangerous Places In South Dakota After Dark

Overall, South Dakota is a truly wonderful place to raise a family, but it is true that some areas are safer than others. In fact, we are home to a few towns and cities where you might want to be extra aware of your surroundings after dark. To make this list of the towns and cities that are statistically more crime-ridden, we took a look at a Road Snacks list complied according to their research of FBI crime data, as well as Using this information, we put together our own list of the most dangerous places in South Dakota.

Were you surprised to see any of these towns or cities on this list? Many of them are probably not widely considered truly dangerous places in South Dakota, because if you know which areas to avoid, they can also be some of the most beautiful to visit.

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Most Dangerous Places in South Dakota

June 18, 2022

Are there any haunted places in South Dakota?

Yes, there are plenty of haunted places in South Dakota for you to explore. In fact, there are enough of them that we’ve put together a creepy road trip through the state for you to take if you’re feeling brave! The trip includes a foray into Spirit Mound in Vermillion, which is supposedly haunted by small, odd-looking men. Hotel Alex Johnson is another highlight of this trip. You’ll undoubtedly come back a believer in ghosts, even if you aren’t yet.

Are there any urban legends in South Dakota?

Yes, there are lots of fascinating urban legends in South Dakota. The legend of the ghost in the Orpheum theater is particularly interesting, as the ghost of a man murdered by a jealous husband still haunts the halls, but brings performers luck and whistles cheerful tunes. The legend of Jesse James at Devil’s Gulch is another cool story. The legend goes that Jesse James and his horse jumped over a 20-foot wide ravine, which is impossible to imagine, but supposedly it’s true!

Can I visit any abandoned places in South Dakota?

There are several abandoned places in South Dakota that you can visit. You just might feel like the only person in the world in these fascinating spots. In Capa, a ghost town that has long been empty, you can check out an abandoned home that stands alone in a field. If you’re interested in the homestead days, head to Bear Butte and see a prairie home that was once full of families who were on a great adventure.