7 Hole In The Wall Restaurants In South Dakota That Will Blow Your Taste Buds Away

If you are a lifelong South Dakotan, you may think you have seen everything there is to see and tried everything there is to try, but have you really? If you want to really experience the Mount Rushmore State and all of its goodness, we recommend checking out these 7 best little known restaurants in South Dakota.

Have you been to any of these hole in the wall restaurants in South Dakota? Which is your favorite?

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Best Little Known Restaurants in South Dakota

May 16, 2019

What are the best small town restaurants in South Dakota? Since South Dakota is home to so many small towns, this one is tough… If we had to name a few, however, it would have to be the previously mentioned Whimp’s Place (you haven’t lived until you’ve had a medium rare steak from Whimp’s!), Lee Street Station Cafe in Deadwood (which is not only one of the best breakfasts you’ve ever tasted, but one of the best places to eat in South Dakota), and the Hat Creek Grill in Edgemont (where home-cooking never tasted so good!).

What are the best diners in South Dakota? A diner is a diner is a diner, right? Not in South Dakota! Visit Skogen Kitchen (Custer) for authentic Scandinavian fare, Philip’s Avenue Diner (Sioux Falls) for some retro food and fun, and/or the Corner Diner for homemade desserts galore. (You can discover even more of our favorite diners here.)

What are the best kept secret restaurants in South Dakota? Psst… are you looking for some of the most secret, best underrated restaurants in South Dakota? You’ve come to the right place! We highly recommend Weimer’s Diner and Donuts in Custer, Big Fella’s Bar & Grill in Aberdeen (huge portions of amazing food… enough said!), and Grey Goose Store & Social Club in Pierre (the ONLY place to get prime rib in South Dakota).