South Dakota’s no stranger to ghost tales. Some of the most chilling come from The Fairmont Hotel, perhaps the most haunted hotel in South Dakota. While you can no longer stay in the hotel, you can go on a bone-chilling tour of it. There have been countless paranormal investigations carried out here, and most have come to the conclusion that the Fairmont Hotel is loaded with a dark history.

Have you been to the Fairmont Hotel, a haunted hotel in South Dakota? Do you agree that it’s one of the most haunted places in South Dakota? If you’re up for a bit of ghost hunting in South Dakota, set off on this haunted road trip.

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Haunted Hotel In South Dakota

What are some of the best haunted places in South Dakota?

If you’re a fan of the paranormal – and maybe even coming face-to-face with a spirit – you’ll definitely want to visit some of the best haunted places in South Dakota. Do you have what it takes to drive down Spook Road in Brandon? Local legend tells of people who have been hung on the road. Count the bridges you cross, too. Some say you cross five going one way but only go over four on the way back. Or you might want to go on a tour of the Adams House in Deadwood. W.E. Adams, its original owner, is said to remain in the home and let his presence be known with cigar smoke and by moving an empty rocking chair.

Where can I go ghost hunting in South Dakota?

For the best ghost hunting in South Dakota, follow a creepy road trip that will take you to the state’s most haunted places. The journey begins at The Hotel Alex Johnson, where you might catch sight of the Lady in White, then will lead you to such spooky places as Scotty Philip Cemetery in Fort Pierre and Mount Mary College in Yankton. You might also want to make a stop at The Historic Fairmont Hotel in Deadwood. Are you up for a ghost tour? Unfortunately, you can’t spend the night these days, but the tour is sure to leave you with spine-tingling thrills.

Are there are haunted hotels in South Dakota, besides the Fairmont Hotel?

In addition to the Fairmont Hotel, you’ll find a few other haunted hotels in South Dakota. The Hotel Alex Johnson in Rapid City, for example, has been a popular resting place for weary travelers since 1928. You might run into Alex Johnson, the founder of the hotel, if you’re lucky. If you’re really brave, book a room on the eighth floor. It’s said to be haunted by the Lady in White, a bride who died here at her own hand in the 1970s. (However, friends believe she was murdered.) Her anguished spirit lingers in the rooms and sometimes even dumps out guests’ suitcases.

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