Driving Down This Haunted South Dakota Road May Give You Nightmares

With South Dakota being an older state with an expansive history, it should come as no surprise that we experience our fair share of haunts. One of the most disturbing, however, may just be the legend of this South Dakota road that is sure to give you nightmares. Appropriately known as Spook Road, it’s largely considered to be the most haunted road in South Dakota. Here’s why:

To get an even better look at Spook Road, check out this video from BrocksVentures:

What do you think about this haunted road in South Dakota? Is Spook Road really haunted or is it mere folklore? To check out other allegedly haunted places around South Dakota, take This Haunted Road Trip Will Lead You To The Scariest Places In South Dakota.

Address: Brandon, SD 57005, USA
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haunted road in South Dakota

November 09, 2021

Does South Dakota have any haunted bridges?

Now that you’ve learned all about Spook Road, the most haunted road in South Dakota, we have yet another haunted location to tell you about. Twin Bridges, which have been around since 1967, are largely considered to be the most haunted bridges in the state. These eerie yet fascinating structures can be found in Sica Hollow State Park in Sisseton, not far from the borders of both North Dakota and Minnesota. The park itself is also known to be haunted and is the origin of many chilling tales. Twin Bridges can be found right off of the Trail of Spirits, another haunted destination within the park. Visitors have noticed that the swamps around the two bridges seem to flow in the dark for reasons unknown. Moreover, there have been a few cases of missing persons associated with the bridges. What are your thoughts on these haunted bridges?

What are the most terrifying places in South Dakota?

While many people choose to visit South Dakota for its abundance of natural wonders and history, there are some that travel to the state for a taste of the paranormal. One of the most terrifying places in South Dakota is actually a restaurant located in the notorious town of Deadwood. Oyster Bay Restaurant can be found on the first floor of the iconic Fairmont Hotel. The restaurant was once the site of multiple murders, and guests report that they can still feel this sinister energy today. Other haunted places in South Dakota include Hotel Alex Johnson in Rapid City, the abandoned ghost town of Scenic, the Adams House in Deadwood, and Spooklight Road in Miner County. How many of these haunted places in South Dakota have you experienced?

Address: Brandon, SD 57005, USA