13 Undeniable Thoughts Every South Carolinian Has When A Hurricane Approaches

As Hurricane Matthew churns in the Atlantic, many South Carolinians are keeping a keen eye on local weather reports in efforts to understand just how they’ll be affected by the dangerous storm. With the governments of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina advising residents along their coasts to evacuate, it’s speculated that this will be the largest mass evacuation since Hurricane Floyd in 1999.

But 17 years of hurricanes and tropical storms have blown in since Floyd and they all have one thing in common: they inspire many of the same thoughts among the hundreds of thousands of South Carolinians that will potentially be affected by an impending hurricane. Here are but a few of those thoughts.

Hurricanes are a way of life for native South Carolinians, almost in the same way as Californians are used to earthquakes. But no matter how many you live through you still run the same drills and have the same thoughts each time a major hurricane is headed your way.

What are some of the thoughts you have when a hurricane is approaching?