South Carolina Coast Becomes Dangerous As Sharks Move In

Over the years the shark attacks have been building up on the coast of South Carolina. Slowly, but surely the sharks seem to be moving closer and closer to the beaches that we once thought were safe. In fact, the beaches have never been safe. We have always had to be aware of jellyfish that can cause a terrible stinging or worse. Just last year there were a high number of reported jellyfish incidents and now there are sharks. The unfortunate problem is that the sharks are not staying where we think their domain should be and their bite can much worse than a sting from a jellyfish.

Interestingly and concerning, South Carolina has become home to the Great White, the most feared shark in the waters, but make no mistake they are not the only ones swimming these waters! South Carolina waters are home to around 40 species of shark.

This one was spotted in 2011 when people were still in disbelief that a Great White could be seen off the coast of South Carolina.

Bull Sharks are mean and considered to be one of three of the most dangerous sharks in the water. I say water because these sharks are very adaptable and have been seen quite a ways up the Mississippi River, which is freshwater. To me, these sharks are more worrisome than any other if they can move between bodies of water with ease.

As you can see, this was just last year off of a pier. You might say that this is because they were throwing fish and the smell attracted them, but it didn’t take long for them to surface.

The oceans are changing and with that so are the shark’s habitats and habits. What once was something of great fun and pleasure is now becoming a game of chance. Sharks are not in the habit of attacking people. They are just being sharks and looking for food. Most of the time when they bite a human they will let go immediately because we don’t taste good to them, however, there are always exceptions as with any wild animal. Words to the wise, just be careful out there and monitor the news closely for where recent attacks have occurred.