The South Carolina Burger That Will Make You Feel Like You Can Take On Anything

When it comes to burgers in the Palmetto State we all have our favorite go-to joints where we’ve discovered the meaning of life wedged between two sides of a single bun. When you’re craving red meat there’s nothing like that full-blown red meat euphoria afterward, right?

There’s one burger in South Carolina that’ll satisfy that red meat craving in a way no other burger can. Have one of these – and finish it – and it’ll make you feel like you can take on anything – after a long nap, of course.

The Kitchen Sink sells for $14.99 at River City Cafe locations along the Grand Strand, including the one shown in the photo above in Murrells Inlet. Are you ready to take on the world with this mammoth creation? Or do you know someone who can?

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