This Awesome Hike In South Carolina Will Take You Straight To An Abandoned Resort

In February of 1837 the small community of White Stone, South Carolina got a post office that now has its own zip code. To this day it’s still open although the businesses that were around when it opened are long gone.

Since that time, Camp Croft came and went, leaving the ruins miraculously untouched. Now they sit on Croft State Park’s easternmost edge just waiting to feel alive again.

If you want to visit, there’s a map above for reaching the ruins from within the state park. There are also rumors that you can reach the ruins from an undisclosed entrance on Cowford Bridge Road, not long after the fork of Whitestone Road. The entrance to Croft State Park is located at 450 Croft State Park Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29302. More information regarding entrance fees and park hours can be found on the official website for South Carolina State Parks.