Everyone In South Carolina Must Visit This Epic Waterfall As Soon As Possible

There’s no shortage of beautiful waterfalls in South Carolina, but the following fall is one of our favorites. Twin Falls in Pickens County goes by at least four different names, including Twin Falls, Rock Falls, Reedy Cove Falls, and Eastatoe Falls. However, once you see this amazing pair you’ll see why Twin Falls is the easiest of the four to remember.

Are you already planning your road trip? Here’s a map to help you get there.

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So now that you’ve tackled Twin Falls, are you still searching for “waterfalls near me in South Carolina?” We thought you might be. Here’s a road trip that journeys to some of the most spectacular waterfalls in South Carolina — in just over four hours!

Address: Twin Falls Trail, Waterfalls Rd, Sunset, SC 29685, USA
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waterfalls near me in South Carolina

November 20, 2021

How many waterfalls are there in South Carolina?

While the Palmetto State is best-known for its amazing beaches, the state is also home to an abundance of beautiful waterfalls! In fact, in South Carolina’s Upcountry alone, there are more than 100 waterfalls, each more beautiful than the last.

What are some walk-behind waterfalls near me in South Carolina?

There’s something so magical about experiencing a waterfall up-close: feeling its spray, witnessing its thunderous rush of water, and delighting in the enchanting scenery in which the cascade it located. If you want to walk behind a waterfall in South Carolina, head to Moonshine Falls, a fall located in Greenville County just west of Cleveland in the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area. This gorgeous free-fall veil powers 40 feet over a huge hunk of granite and onto a slab where it shoots out almost horizontally before splashing into the pool below. The granite overhang creates quite an expansive cave that visitors can enter, allowing for a walk-behind experience of this glorious waterfall. Between the sound of the water crashing over the top onto the slab and the gorgeous pool below, this is a totally amazing waterfall adventure in South Carolina!

What are some must-visit waterfalls in South Carolina?

Waterfalls and the upstate region of South Carolina go hand-in-hand. Hike far enough in any direction and eventually, you’ll run into a waterfall. Fortunately, there are some waterfalls that are easily accessible via a short non-strenuous walk. They’re hiding in plain sight and just as beautiful as the hard ones to get to! On the other hand, if you want a strenuous hike to a waterfall you should about This Hike In South Carolina That Will Give You An Unforgettable Experience. For now, it’s onward and upward to some relatively accessible waterfalls in South Carolina that won’t make you break a sweat… are you ready?

Address: Twin Falls Trail, Waterfalls Rd, Sunset, SC 29685, USA