The name ‘Oconee” means ‘Land beside the water,’ and that’s entirely true when we speak of Oconee County, South Carolina. The area is also known as the ‘Mountain Lakes Region’ for that very reason. But Oconee County has more than just gorgeous mountain lakes, rivers, creeks and streams… it also has more than 150 waterfalls just waiting for you to discover them all. Visit Oconee County is a terrific resource for discovering all that Oconee offers to nature lovers – especially waterfall chasers. Of course, we can’t feasibly feature all 150 waterfalls in one single article, so here’s the highlight reel for some of the best Oconee County waterfalls:

Nature lovers know the thrill of searching ‘waterfalls near me.’ Visit Oconee South Carolina has more information about all of the Oconee County waterfalls we listed.

Looking for more fun? Follow this South Carolina waterfall road trip! Or have you heard about the secret waterfall in South Carolina that no one has really seen up close? Check it out!

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What are the best outdoor adventures in South Carolina?

Outdoor adventures don’t have to break the bank! In fact, we rounded up a list of the best free activities in South Carolina that are sure to spark excitement. For starters, visit the the Gardens of the South Carolina Governor's Mansion. Located in Columbia, this blissful escape will make you feel a million miles away from it all. The majestic trees, verdant plants, and lovely fountains are definitely photo-worthy. Looking for more fun? Check out the South Carolina Botanical Garden in Clemson. This stunning destination spans 295 acres, and it’s full of themed gardens and natural landscapes.

What are the best waterfall hikes in South Carolina?

Eager for an easy afternoon getaway? If so, you should definitely check out the trail to Spoonauger Falls. Nestled near Mountain Rest, this gorgeous walkway is perfect for kids and adults alike. Yes, the hike is only about .6 miles long, but we promise it’s jam packed with stunning sights. The highlight is definitely the gorgeous five-story waterfall. Spoonauger Falls stands 50 feet above the landscape, and it’s so beautiful that you’ll want to stare at it all afternoon. For more information about one of the best waterfall hikes in South Carolina, read our full article about Spoonauger Falls.

Are there any good swimming holes in South Carolina?

Absolutely! Wildcat Creek Falls, located in Wildcat Wayside State Park, is always a hit. When the temperature climbs, there’s no better place to make a splash and cool off. There’s even a 130-foot sliding rock! Carrick Creek Falls is another wonderful swimming hole in South Carolina. You’ll find this lovely oasis inside Table Rock State park. The water is always refreshing, and the views are always astounding. You also can’t forget about Parsons Mountain Recreation Area. This spring-fed pond is full of shimmering blue water. Whether you’re visiting by yourself or with your kiddos, you’re certain to have a blast.

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